Email As A Service

Receive qualified B2B leads, turbocharge your sales efforts and grow your business.

Our Proven Process


Research & Strategy

Together we define your ideal prospect and also research your market in-depth. We use our industry knowledge and own experience to determine the best strategy for your campaigns.


Technical Set-Up

We set up a domain dedicated to your campaigns and configure it to make sure our outreach is a success.


Test & Measure

Through an agile engineering approach, we’ll create A/B tests and run daily sprints.


Optimisation & Reporting

Learnings, usage and analytics will tell us how to best optimise to continuously reach your customers and maximise your growth potential. 

Companies We Have Worked With


Handpicked Leads

The best-structured sales lead source formatted to your requirements. Boost your business development efforts and save time to focus on sales.

  • Market Analysis
  • Customer Personas Validation
  • Manual Lead Research and Verification
  • Delivery in CSV, Sheet or XLS format

from £1/lead

Email As A Service

Qualified B2B sent to your sales team using our data-driven creative process and delivering insights into your sales messaging.

  • Handpicked Leads Offering
  • Booked meetings and lead information delivered through calendly or direct emails
  • Technical set up
  • A/B Testing (messaging, audiences, call-to-action, etc.)
  • Weekly report

from £1,500/500 prospects

+£200 Documents Insight (document testing with audience reading metrics)


Are you GDPR-compliant?

From an email outreach perspective, GDPR and PECR guidelines oblige businesses to ensure marketing emails are directed to the individuals who are likely to find the content useful and relevant in their working capacity within the target business. That is ultimately the test for designating each communication as B2B in nature, and as such qualifying for the PECR B2B exemption. On that basis, we ensure that:

  • We take all reasonable precautions to identify only the types of companies that meet the exact requirements of your campaign.
  • The topic of the email is clearly identified.
  • We carefully craft every email to ensure the topic is relevant to the business prospect.

What email address do you use?

Our goal is to make you the centre of the campaign and avoid lead confusion. So, we purchase a domain close to your main domain name and will use the company contact you provide us. For instance, if your domain is and your sales representative's name is Sam - we would create the following domain: The domain is then linked to your main website.

Where do you get the data?

We identify the best source of data depending on your project (e.g. LinkedIn, Google Maps, Government websites, etc.).

Can you do the appointments or calls?

Our added value is in the strategies, creative iteration of our emails and data collection. We think the best person to speak about your product is you so we would rather stick to what we do best.

How long does it take to see results?

On average it takes us 1 week to prepare the email address and about 5 to 10 iterations over the course of 4 to 8 weeks to find the magic formula (the right messaging in front of the right audience). It can be quicker if you already ran email outreach campaigns in the past. 

Is this suitable for my business?

Ideally, we work with:

  • B2B businesses
  • Companies that have got customers and understand their problems

And preferably:

  • Companies that have got some supporting sales content (e.g. case study, brochure)
  • Companies that can scale (e.g. team member that has the capacity to take appointments promptly)



Achieving great results for our clients and fostering a great workplace for our employees.


High standards will help us foster better relationships and achieve great results.


Aiming to be the most creative people you have ever worked with - leaving no stones unturned.


Being at the cutting edge of our industry is how we add value to your business. Our aim is to stay there.

Meet Lauren.

The founder of Datawiz, Lauren is an experienced B2B sales professional who worked for leading companies (SAP, Sage, Microsoft) prior to starting a string of businesses growing them from scratch to 7-figures annual recurring revenue. Having achieved a successful sale of his last business, he decided to leverage his experience to help other businesses grow profitably through email outreach.

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